New Beginnings

Welcome - whether you are just a visitor or someone seeking appraisal and advisement assistance we thank you for visiting the site.  Ken has spent over 40 years in the company of objects, antiques, and artwork.  But, his latest adventure is the launch of his new business: Ken Farmer Art + Antiques Advisor + Appraiser.  This multifaceted business offers many services including appraisals, antiques advisement, connections to the high-end market, and an objective voice that can help you choose your next move.

His areas of specialization include Southern decorative arts, furniture, folk art, and musical instruments, but his years of experience and his relationships with his colleagues from Freeman’s Auction and Antiques Roadshow ensure that he can take on any need you may have.  Approachable, honest, and informed, Ken and his team look forward to helping you one-on-one. 

Always honored to assist people with their appraisal and downsizing needs, Ken also values any chance to handle and research exciting objects.  This blog will highlight some of the objects Ken discovers throughout his work and travels, offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of an antiques specialist. 

One such exciting item takes us back to the Civil War.  Judge George Washington Lewis of Hanover County, Virginia was searching for his son Lt. Henry B. Lewis CSA.  A letter sent to Judge Lewis from Gen. Robert E. Lee, states that Gen. Lee had searched the record of prisoners received from Gen. McClellan, but was unable to find the name of Lt. Lewis.  A note in Judge Lewis’ handwriting reads:

“Gen. R. E. Lee – in relation to my son Henry’s being a prisoner – alas!  I never heard anything more of him!  Killed at battle of Seven Pines on 31 May 1862.” 

Making the letter even more poignant are the accompanying photograph of Judge Lewis and his son.  The letter, photos, and leave pass all descended through the family and they serve as a touching moment in history that, had the family not kept the evidence, would have been forgotten.  Along with a clipped R.E. Lee signature and a signed Lee CDV, these items will be offered at Freeman’s Auction in 2017. 

Click through the gallery below to view Judge Lewis, Lt. Lewis and more.